Money Transfer to India from other country's or With in India:

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Money Transfer to India from other country's or With in India:
Apart from banks few financial institutions and online portals gives services of money transfer to India. Some of them are as under:
• Western Union Money Transfer
• Union Money Transfer
• IKobo Money Transfer
• Remit2india
• Samachar Money Transfer
• Wells Fergo International Money Transfer
• Travellers Express
• Money Gram International Visa Money Transfer
Visa has recently introduced the Visa Money Transfer option for its salJings and current account holder of any bank with a Visa debit card. This facil¬ity helps its customer to transfer funds from his bank account to any Visa card. either debit or credit within India.
A Visa Money Transfer is of similar kind. in many respects. to the third-party fund transfer option given by some banks to its account holders through e¬cheque. but this is restricted to only Visa cardholders. How to transfer money?
• Log on to your bank account through your re-
spective bank websites.
• Fill the benefiCiary details like Visa card num-
bers. name. address and then specifY the amount that needs to be transferred. For bank account specifY the Visa card numbe~ and credit card num-ber for paying credit card bill.
• Click on to VISA Transfer Payments button.
• Transfer immediately or on schedule date. Your ac-count will be debited according to the date men-tioned.
Notable points of Visa Money Transfer
• The time taken for money transfers could be the same or even more than that of a demand draft i.e. two or three days or even more.
• Currently there are no charges but limits has been set by certain banks on the current transfers.
• It is available in 150 cities across the country now.
• The transferred amount can neither be changed nor stopped once it is initiated.
Easy Banking
This section is fully dedicated to the Tech "Bank¬ing. A decade before. it was tough to believe that bank¬ing secctor' will be at a finger tip. Now it is possible. A mobile hand set with a• connection is the only in¬strument needed to make a gateway to your banking transaction. the latest innovation of technology.
Apart from the Mobile Banking. including of SMS Banking. Net Banking and ATMs are the major steps taken by. the banks in India towards modernisation. With all these devises and systems. there is a com¬plete freedom to experience .
Check your account. transfer your fund. make pay-ments and what more. do anything of everything what has been followed in physical banking since ages. But this time no standing for hours in front of cash counter and no time boundation in withdrawing your own money.

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