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Problems based on ages:

Q1: The age of the father 3 years ago was 7 times the age of his son. At present the father's age is 5 times that of his son.What are the present ages of the father and the son.
Ans: Let the present age of son = x years

then the present age of father = 5x yrs

3 years ago,

7(x-3) =5x - 3

2x = 18, x= 9 yrs

so father's age = 45 yrs

Q2: The sum of the ages of a son and father is 56 yrs.After 4 yrs , the age of the father will be 3 times that of the son .What is the age of the son? (ans 12 yrs)


Q3: The ratio of the father's age to that of son's age is 4:1 The product of their ages is 196.What will be ratio of their ages after 5 yrs?

Ans- let the ratio of proportionality be x yrs

4x*x = 196 or 4x2 = 196 or x= 7

thus father's age = 28 yrs, Son's age = 7 yrs

After 5 yrs , father's age = 33 yrs , son's age =12 yrs

Ratio = 33:12= 11:4

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