Since the key to success in the English language paper of anyone day objective type competitive exam is a good grasp over English Gram­ mar (Rules and Structures) and English Composition, you have to plan your study in context of the topics under English Grammar and Composition. The following gested books may be quite helpful for the candidates

1. Practical English Usage by Michael Schwan

2. A Practical English Gram­ mar by AJ Thomson and AV Marti­ net

3. A Mirror of Common Errors (Kiran Prakashan)

4. A Glossary of Vocabulary, Synonyms &: Antonyms (Klran Prakash an)

5. A Glossary of Apposite ~ords (Kiran Prakash an)

The candidates are advised to do the following tasks systematical­ ly:

(i) Solve the Model Practice Sets given in the Book and monthly mag­ azine PRATIYOGITA KIRAN Regu­ larly.

(ii) Make it a part and parcel of your regular task to improve your vocabularly. Build upyourVocabu­ lary everyday. Everyday learn some new words.

(iii) Keep a good dictionary such as Oxford Advanced Learners' Dic­ tionary or Collins Cobuild Dictio­ nary and a pocket dictionary, always on your study table for ready-refer­ ence.

(iv) SubSCribe a newspaper and a news magazine. Read them Regu­ larly and if you come across a diffi­ cult word, makeit a point to note it down and analyse its meaning and usage.

If you work on the above sug­ gested guidelines you will certainly perform better in the English test paper.


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